The alliance between Artisen and Dinesen explained:

The intent of this paragraph is to explain how our company, Artisen Floors, is professionally associated with Dinesen Floors of Denmark. Artisen Floors is a luxury wood floor installation and refinishing company located in New York City. It’s owned and operated by Daniel Santiago and managed by some of the most highly regarded custom floor project managers and color matching experts in the world. Our artisans are well known by NYC’s finest high market architects, designers and general contractors in the custom floor arena as perfectionist and meticulous craftsmen.

Because of the aforementioned, we were highly sought after by Dinesen Floors of Denmark. Here’s why: Dinesen made a huge footprint in the United States top shelf flooring scene over the past several years. Although they handled jobs throughout Europe, they were keen on finding the best of the best in the United States to provide installations for their luxurious extra long and wide European Oak planks. After a long and arduous vetting process, we are extremely proud to be Dinesen Certified Installers, completing projects for them in New York City and internationally.

Over the past 24 years here at Artisen, we’ve completed over 2,000 projects that involved complex color matching, installations and highly intricate inlay patterns and most recently, pioneering (LED technology). This new (LED) technology was an instant smash hit! This process allows us to ‘cure’ wood floors instantly with no off-gassing and immediate availability of your floor space. No more closing up the shop or leaving the house for days waiting for your surface to dry. And, with using our single coat patented ‘hard wax’ oil, you’ll get the most elegant, ‘hand rubbed’ finish that has become extremely popular in luxury markets worldwide.

Our organization prides itself in being able to meet and exceed the very high expectations of our clients. We should be top of mind when a color matching must be flawless. Our secret formula is centered around decades of studying wood science in the classroom and even more importantly, with field implementation. This is where our tried and true methods are well documented and preserved for the future. Artisen consistently is able to outperform their competition with high level artisan skills, LED technology, very clear communication and stellar execution of the project at hand.

In closing, you can also find us on the Franklin Report, the oldest independently owned guidebook that specifically rates renovation providers, architects and designers. Professional references upon request. If you’ve gotten this far it’s likely you have an upcoming project so please wait no longer, ring us up or drop an email and let’s break the ice!